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A wedding full of emotions in Brittany

Beloved Brittany. Its dramatic landscapes, the wild display of nature’s energy manifested through these huge waves bursting on sharp black rocks, the exhilarating smell of algaes and iodine… all of these made me fall for this region a long time ago. You can now imagine why I was so thrilled when Charlotte & Pierre asked me to cover their wedding at Manoir de Kerhuel. What a wedding it’s been ! Scheduled on a whole weekend, Charlotte, Pierre and their guests had the time needed to express their emotions and to share unforgettable moments which were a joy to capture !

Wedding in Brittany


Your favourite moment of the day ?

Charlotte : The Flashmob off course ! What a surprise !

Pierre : The ceremony ! We planned it thoroughly and it’s been exactly how we wanted it, maybe even better. It was pretty special in the sense that it was the first time we could all be together in this strange pandemic context.

Your favourite photo of the day, and why ?

Charlotte : The one where my dad is getting out of the bathroom smiling and looking at Pierre in a funny way. I also love the one with Pierre and his little brother helping each other with their bow-ties. I wasn’t there at that moment obviously, but I can feel the mood that soaks from these moments.

Pierre : I really dig the one where I am seeing Charlotte walking down the aisle. Every time I see this photograph, I feel the emotions that submerged me again.

If you were to do it again, would you change anything ?

Nothing at all : Pierre loved his wedding so much that he wants us to get married again every year !

What is something you would like to tell currently engaged couples about wedding planning ?

Make sure to be surrounded and supported by the right people and anticipate (to do lists, to do lists, to do lists, and excel sheets !) and delegate : on D-day, you only want to spend time enjoying yourself !

Would you recommend us to another couple? Why or Why Not ?

Yes, without hesitating : You were tremendously professional. You knew how to be discreet (as well as our videographer ). It’s like we haven’t noticed you all day, though you were constantly looking after us to make sure we were hydrated and if we needed anything to eat, drink, etc. Add on top of that the amazing quality of your work and the beautiful outcome of the photos and there you have it pictured !

What is one thing you particularly enjoyed about working with us ?

Your smile and your ability to listen : you knew exactly what we had explained we wanted and you also offered us alternatives.

What is one thing you think we could be better about ?

We thought about this question extensively and even though we really tried to come up with something, we actually could not ! Stay on the same path you’re already on : it’s absolutely perfect !

Anything else you would like us to know or other couples to know ?

Your wedding is not D-day only, it is also about planning ahead : you’re offered an opportunity to spend some precious time with your dearest friends and family members in order to make this day happen. For us, everything went smoothly and we feel grateful having had the chance to being able to share it with the people we love so much. We hear a lot of couples around us explaining how stressful it’s been to organize their wedding. Make sure to set boundaries early on to determine what should remain the sole domains of the couple and the areas where others could be involved, therefore everybody will enjoy the day as much as possible and create beautiful memories !


Why choosing a professional wedding photographer ?
« on D-day, you only want to spend time enjoying yourself ! »
Emotional wedding photography


Venue Manoir de Kerhuel – @manoir_de_kerhuel
Dress Margaux Tardits – @margauxtardits
Costume Samson sur mesure – @samsonsurmesure
Rings  Or du monde – @ordumonde
Flowers Mélanie at Blomster fleurs – @blomsterfleurs
Caterer  Manoir de Kerhuel ‘s restaurant
Makeup Ma grande soeur !
Hair Laura Jaffret – @laura_jaffret
Shoes Laure de Sagazan – @lauredesagazan
Video Jean-Côme Bouden – @travel.with.jean
DJ Manoir de Kerhuel


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