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Getting married like Rock Stars

Once in a while, you’re involved in a one-of-a-kind project. Clara & Cyril’s wedding was one of them. As music enthusiasts, they wanted to realize their dream of celebrating their engagement impersonating rock stars! Some could argue that faking to be celebrities is a bit of an ego-trip, but this is not. Instead, they had a dream and they dared to make it happen. We all have dreams, so what a more beautiful way to realize some of them during your wedding? I feel honored having had the luck of being a part of theirs. Now let’s dive into the story of Clara & Cyril’s unique wedding and discover their world.

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The most memorable part of the day and why?

There are so many! Mostly these intimate moments we shared after getting ready together in our “backstage” room and just before leaving it to finally show ourselves to our guests. These were stressful but also powerful and emotional moments, right before being transcended by the sights of everyone looking at us, turning us into “stage performers”.

Indeed, we are both fascinated by bands, singers and musicians. We chose to embody a fake band “The Lobsters” as a tribute to these artists, so we planned our wedding as a world tour, mimicking lives and tours that marked us, to finally envision the scene as an allegory of the loving commitment. “We hide ourselves in our music to reveal ourselves” Jim Morrison once quote.

We preciously keep the memory of the last words we shared at this very moment: “The time has come, we made them wait for too long, the music is going to start, let’s hit the stage, let the show begin”

Your favourite photo, and why?

We cannot retain only one as we are so thrilled by the artistic level achieved. As we are a bit rebel and quirky, we choose 3 photos:

The one we’re standing back to back, reenacting our wedding invitations’s visual, imagined as a mythical pop/rock duo poster. This moment is our stage entry: mysterious, superb, emotional, on a live music from Juliette Armanet “A la folie”. The duo finally dares getting out of their green room after building expectation, to eventually rise on the stage before a mesmerized crowd.

The second one, taken during our long walk towards the outdoor ceremony, like an artist meeting his audience on the stage of an arena. A photo depicting who we are, revealing our complicity, maybe even some pride in having achieved a masterstroke: surprising our “audience”.

Finally, the portrait of Clara, taken seconds before getting “on stage”. It looks like it’s taken out of a Madonna clip, during the “like a prayer” era. Congrats to our photographer!

If you could do it again, is there anything you would change?

Nothing! Except to maybe make these extraordinary moments last longer, 4 or 5 days, like an artist residency in a big venue.

What is something you would like to tell currently engaged couples about wedding planning?

We envisioned our wedding as a creative process, like artists designing an album or a tour.
Planning a wedding is primarily an immense work of introspection on your couple and the commitment you’re about to make, which will then determine the image you want your big-day to reflect, even before thinking to the technical aspects and details of the event.

The only advice we can give you is to be yourselves. Take the time needed to deeply think about your couple, your story, your life goals, meeting your self deep inside, therefore avoiding copying-pasting other weddings, without the fear of surprising or even shocking.

Be authentic, down to your most beautiful imperfections… and emotions will rise.

Would you recommend us to another couple? Why or Why Not?

We recommend you 200%! Charles is more than just a photographer, he’s an artist. The rendition of his work on our wedding is just magic. Charles reinvents the traditional codes of wedding photography with talent: aestheticism, movement, spantaneity, attention to detail, unique colors making instagram filters blushing! There is definitely a Charles Magrin style.

What is one thing you particularly enjoyed about working with us?

While Charles is both proficient and professionnal in high-end wedding photography, he knows how to step out of his comfort zone in order innovate and he gave our wedding photos an elegant and authentic vibe, perfectly aligning to our pop/rock live show theme.

He made us quickly feel at ease in front of his camera and cherry on the cake he’s a very nice person to be around 🙂

What is one thing you think we could be better about?

Keep following this path and always be as passionate about your job!

Anything else you would like us or engaged couples to know?

You can watch our wedding video, shot as a clip, here!


bride groom getting ready for the ceremony
« Be authentic, down to your most beautiful imperfections... and emotions will rise »
creative wedding photographer


Venue Château de Lerse – Insta @chateaudelerse
Caterer Traiteur Events – Insta @jossgenestet @traiteurevents
Video Le petit clip – Insta @lepetitclip
Dress Elise Martimort Paris & Bordeaux – Insta @elisemartimort
Groom Balmain/Olivier Rousteing – Insta @Balmain @olivier_rousteing
Shirt Octobre – Insta @octobre_editions
Shoes Yves Saint Laurent
Hair Valentine – Insta @valentineartisancoiffeur
Make-up Alice – Beauty Bike – Insta @beauty_bike
Flowers Mrs Whiterose – Insta @Mrs_Whiterose
DJ Rémy – Alliance Animation
Celebrant Nathalie & Charlotte – Insta @votreceremoniebycharlotte


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