Laid back forest couple session

// Stéphanie & Thomas //


Shooting in nature is always a new experience to me, light is always different and there is a special feeling rising when you sit down for a couple minutes in the forest. There are many sounds from birds singing to branches cracking, the wind blowing gently in the pine’s needles, which instantly relaxes you from the overwhelming modern life we are carrying on these days.  Well, that’s perfect to wander around with a fun loving couple such as Steph & Tom! They were a bit stressed at the beginning of the session, giving the fact that we were two people shooting them, Clémentine carrying the video part, and myself clicking around! They quickly felt at ease when we directed them to funny interactions, leaving the more intimate shots for later. We had barrels of laughs together and found some great spots to shoot in! At dusk, we got some led sets out for some interesting night images with an intimate mood. All in all this session was a nice experience and I hope you’ll enjoy the photos!



Beach engagement session

// Alex & Emeric //


You know how much I love travelling, so when I meet a couple who’s fond of exploring the world I’m excited to hear about their trips, but when on top of that they love extreme sports to me it’s like the cherry on the cake! Well, Emeric is skydiving when he’s not balancing on a highline hundreds of meters over the ground, rock climbing or hiking the Pyrénées mountains in south west of France… On the other side he’s so peaceful that standing next to him makes you feel relaxed instantly. Alex on the other hand can’t stop cracking all the time giving me these genuine big simles and laughters I love so much! With  such a great couple and an amazing secret spot near the city of Biarritz, not far away from where they shot the Dragonstone decor if you know what I mean 🙂 I knew we would get some quality time and images together.



Sunset engagement session

// Marie-Sarah & Josselin //


Architects and art lovers, Marie-Sarah & Josselin naturally live in Paris but they chose the beautiful Bassin d’Arcachon for both their engagement session and wedding, which I can’t wait to shoot in the amazing venue “La cabane Bartherotte“. Prior to the session I told them that I love accessories, and they surprised me with a stunning Louis XV armchair to create unique images on the beach!


Basque coast couple session

// Blandine & Alex //


When I met these folks for the first time I knew pretty much straight away that we would get along really well. Humble and funny people like I love! They met a few years back in the south west area of France and their love soon gave birth to a lovely cute boy called Arthur. For their engagement shoot we agreed on a wonderful location on the rocky coast near Hendaye in the Basque country. Their strong connection and the naughty jokes of Alex made for both an intimate and energetic shoot that is making me willing to share that great moment with you all!