What is your photography style?

Natural Energetic emotional


Instead of  posing you I will give you directions. I’ll talk to you, I’ll ask you questions and tell you to interact with each other in a way that will bring out the energy that will reveal the connection between the two of you! I love intimate and peaceful moments as much as loud laughters and crazy action! I leave you the space needed to express your love allowing for unscripted moments to happen.


My goal is for you to feel like you’re hanging out with a friend who loves taking pictures of his friends wandering in nature instead of just posing in front of a professional photographer. I’am a laid back dude quite easy to bond up with!


Wedding is something I love too, especially when they take place in nature! On the day of your union I will document it as a photojournalist, hoping everywhere like a flea to get as much as possible of what’s happening though I’m discrete enough to get these genuine, strong emotions that we all love!


I am not only a photographer but a human too (surprise!) and I will also be here to help if needed, like that time when the bride’s mom forgot her speech and I had to run 500m back to the room where she had left it to bring it back in time…