What is your photography style?

Natural Energetic emotional


Instead of  posing you I will give you directions. I’ll talk to you, I’ll ask you questions and tell you to interact with each other in a way that will bring out the energy that will reveal the connection between the two of you! I love intimate and peaceful moments as much as loud laughters and crazy action! I leave you the space needed to express your love allowing for unscripted moments to happen.


My goal is for you to feel like you’re hanging out with a friend who loves taking pictures of his friends wandering in nature instead of just posing in front of a professional photographer. I’am a laid back dude quite easy to bond up with!


Wedding is something I love too, especially when they take place in nature! On the day of your union I will document it as a photojournalist, hoping everywhere like a flea to get as much as possible of what’s happening though I’m discrete enough to get these genuine, strong emotions that we all love!


I am not only a photographer but a human too (surprise!) and I will also be here to help if needed, like that time when the bride’s mom forgot her speech and I had to run 500m back to the room where she had left it to bring it back in time…


Where are you based, do you travel?

I live in the beautiful city of Bordeaux in the south west of France and I love travelling the world! Travelling fees may vary regarding the destination, so just tell me more about it and I’ll give you a quote!


When will you deliver our images?

Even though sorting thousand of images, post process and export them takes time, I don’t want my couples to wait more than 3 weeks for their photos, and it’s usually less…

Do you shoot elopements?

Oh yeah! Elopements are amongst my favourite events to attend, especially the ones that take place in nature!

Do you give all the RAW files?

I consider that a deliverbale image is 50% done when I press the shutter and 100% when I finished post processing it. My style is accomplished as much on the field as on my computer so you’ll understand that I cannot give you images that I do not consider finished. Anyway I usely deliver between 500 to 800 images for a 12 hours coverage.

What are your offers and rates?

My rates start at 1900 euros for 8 hours of coverage – Elopements start at 800 euros for 4 hours – Couple Session start at 400 euros for 2 hours.


All my packages include:


–  Online gallery with download links.

– USB box with your names and the date fo the event engraved containing your photos in both high and web definitions.

– Printing rights


I also offer a wide variety of services such as albums, instax camera, engagement or day-after session and more. Please send me a message for a full offers & rates sheet!

We aren’t professional models and we feel awkward in front of the camera, is it pretty common?

Yes it is! Believe me, the vast majority of my couples tell me they feel awkward  having their photo taken, including the ones you see on my website, do they seem to feel awkward?


To be a photographer not only means knowing a few stuffs about light and techniques, off course theory is a rather important skill to have, but it’s only the base. I think that in order to get authentic expressions you need to feel at ease. So, we’ll get to know each other and soon enough we’ll laugh out loud and you’ll end up your session feeling like it was everything but a photo shoot!


You just need to come as you are (yes I do like Nirvana a lot), be open, honest and the photos will come out beautiful!


Do you have a backup camera?

Sure, I do have two cameras for safety which also allows me to capture the same scene with two different focal lengths for both close-ups and larger shots. Every single image I shot is saved twice on each camera and I backup your photos immediately after your wedding.

I like what I see, what next?

I’d love to hear about you and your project, drop me a line and feel free to ask any questions!