Lakeside elopement styled shoot

// Sarah & Alex //


It’s been a while that I wanted to plan a elopement styled shoot in the wild. Well, after four months designing it, finding the right location and convincing a bunch of talented professionnals to join the adventure, I’m proud to present you “A Lakeside Escape”! We were so lucky that my friend Quentin Gendrot, an accomplished musician enjoyed the idea and gave the set an atmosphere that perfectly emphasizes the beautiful landscape and our lovers emotions! Styled shoot does not mean we have to fake love so that’s why I wanted a real couple to work with us. They were often sending me emails saying they would love to get married again, so you can imagine how happy they were when I gave them the opportunity to live this special day a second time!

During the ceremony, they were reading words they had written earlier in the caravan to tell how much they love each other. When Quentin started to play his wonderful cello composition, we could all feel the air filled with an intense energy which led them to cry of joy and gave the whole team the shivers!

Despite the cold the entire team was pretty happy to create something unique and meaningfull and I would like to thank all of them for allowing a simple dream to become a reality!

If you enjoy it as much as we do, please feel free to share it accross social medias and if you too would like to get married or have your couple session or elopement in he wild just let me know and we’ll make it happen!

A warm thanks to those who’ve made it possible!

Photgrapher & Art Director: Elope with Charlie Videographer: NacMedia / Wedding dress: Confidentiel-creation / Original score & Cello player: Quentin “Qlay” Gendrot / Decoration & Art Director: Atelier PIA / Celebrant: Blanca Bertely / Flowers: Atelier Septembre / Wedding rings: Myrtille Beck / Caravan: Les Toy’s roulottes / Wedding invitations: Les faire-parts de Laurence / Lovers: Blandine & Alex