Marie Sarah & Josselin

We’ve had the chance to meet Charles prior to our wedding for an engagement session near the sea. His natual, empathy and humour seduced us. The beautiful photos of this couple session confirmed our choice. On the wedding day he was full of creativity and resources to capture the context, the light and the perfect moment.

Framing, color palette and contrast are some of the process we try to figure out to understand the trick. Beyond that, Charles exceeds his technical mastery to only retain the emotion. He knows how to capture unscripted moments as well as crafting Fine Art photographies composed like paintings. 

His heightened sensibility can be seen in each and one of his pictures ; he knew how to grasp our guests personalities and transcribe the emotions during the whole day. The wedding album is as beautiful to browse as that day has been to live. Finally, Charles is working discretely and blends with the guests whom actually thought he was a friend of us, and we must say that he effectively became one of them.

Charles, we warmly thank you and wish you all the best a Photographer could hope for!



Check out Marie-Sarah & Josselin’s wedding here!