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Sunset engagement session

It was very important for Laurie & Jon to know me better prior to their wedding in order for them to feel more comfortable before my cameras on their big-day. An engagement session is the perfect way to get along with your photographer and have beautiful photos for your wedding’s communication !

Young couple in love during engagement session in the wild


Your favourite photo, and why ?

Hard to tell because there are several ones we love ! Charles creates photos with a cinematographic vibe, especially the black & white ones. He is  capturing the actions and movements perfectly while being unobtrusive, allowing the couple to be spontaneous and natural.

Would you recommend engaged couples to book a couple session prior to the wedding ? Why ?

Yes ! This is essential to know your photographer better in order to feel more comfortable being around him / her all day when the big day comes. It’s been a wonderful moment to share between lovers and beautiful memories were created.

Can you mention one thing you particularly enjoyed about working with us ?

It was easy and pleasant to connect with you. You know how to make us feel at ease and relaxing the atmosphere which is paramount in order to capture great moments and emotions !

What is one thing you think we could be better about ?

Keep improving as you get more experience and maybe deliver more photos in black & white !

Note from the photographer :

I replied to Laurie & Jon that I will make sure to deliver more photos in black & white on their wedding and I turned more photos of their engagement session in black & white. These testimonials are very important as they allow me to get better in order to meet and exceed the couples’s expectations, and they allow you to see the experience from the client’s point of view.

Want to learn more about engagement sessions ?

Then head over “5 reasons why you should consider booking an engagement session” and download my free “ultimate guide to a relaxed engagement session” below, or simply contact me and let’s plan your dream engagement session together !


Couple dancing in nature during a photo session
« It's been a wonderful moment to share between lovers and beautiful memories were created ! »
young loving woman kissing her fiancé's forehead


Charles Magrin photographer


Download a free guide to a relaxed engagement session
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