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Why should I book an engagement session


5 reasons why you should consider booking an engagement session

Wether offering a nice gift to the one you love and creating stunning visuals for the communication around your incoming wedding, or just for the experience, let’s review the good reasons why you definitely should book an engagement session with the photographer you dig !

How to pose during a photo shoot
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Having fun together

You’re probably not used to professional shoots and that’s totally fine ! For most people the idea of spending two hours in front of a camera isn’t a pleasing one. I can assure you 99% of my couples are a bit concerned at the beginning of the shoot because they are scared to feel awkward not knwoing what to do, how to pose etc. Well the good news is it’s 100% OK to feel this way ! I’ll talk to you and guide you with simple directions and you’ll interact the way you usually do every-day, hence the photos will look natural and they will reflect who you are. I’m also a bit silly and that’s why you’ll see plenty of genuine laughters in my portfolio. I have plenty of tricks up my sleeve to make you feel at ease and create gorgeous imagery of the two of you !

Almost every time at the end of the session I get these kind of comments from the couples : “That was quick, we didn’t see the time passing !” or : “We couldn’t imagine having so much fun during a photo shoot !”

Be yourselves during your engagement session

Create memories that reflects who you are

Your engagement session should reflect who you are as a couple : both of you love hiking? Then let’s go hike in a remote location! You have a dog? Bring her / him along with you! Let’s take this opportunity to create beautiful images that will reflect your personnalities, your lives, your couple.

Doing an engagement session prior to the wedding is the key to stunning wedding photos

Getting better wedding photos

Indeed, the bond we create during an engagement shoot will reflect on your wedding photographs : you’ll feel even more at ease with me by your side during D-day because you already know that camera guy. The engagement session will allow you to know how I work and it will also let me know how you interact with each other. This will make a huge difference than if we’d only met on Skype before the wedding.

Creative posing on a couple photography session

Tell the world you’re getting married with stunning visuals

Selfies are nice, but imagine sharing beautiful professional images with your families and friends prior to the wedding ! You’ll be able to use these photos on your wedding-website, save-the-date, wedding-guest-book and anything wedding related. The hype will reach new heights among your relatives !

Try your makeup and hair before the wedding day

Hair & make-up trial

Looking back at the engagement photos, you’ll know if the look you wanted is perfect for your wedding or if you need to make some adjustments.

If you’re now convinced you need an engagement session, I’d be happy to know how you envision yours!

Now that you’re convinced you need a couple session, check out my ultimate guide to a relaxed engagement session below.


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