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10 reasons why you should hire a wedding planner

According to a survey took by ZOLA , 71% of the couples asked said “wedding planning was more stressful than major life events, like buying a home or finding a job”. This statement is probably not the one that came to your mind when you said yes ! Don’t worry because you can avoid that overwhealming task by handing it off to somebody whose job is exactly that : making sure your wedding will be flawless and let you be present for each moment of this special day.

How to perfectly plan my wedding
How much does a wedding costs

Define your budget

A wedding planner will help you figure out the overall cost of your dream wedding. Once done, she will make her maximum to help your budget fit with your needs. Keep in mind though planners only work with experienced professionals whom services have a cost. They might be able to negociate their rates a little for you but it’s not guaranteed. Speaking for myseld, I always offer something when recommended by a wedding planner, usually extra coverage or smaller album copies.

How to perfectly plan my wedding

Your family and friends are not professional wedding planners

Don’t get me wrong, family and friends usually have an important role to play as witnesses and celebrators during a wedding, however it doesn’t mean they should manage all the aspects of the event as you want them to enjoy this day as much as you do. Planning a wedding is time-consuming and generally starts a year out of the wedding day. Therefore they might miss some important informations regarding the vendors and the timeline details. They probably attended a few weddings already and might even have helped during some, but they won’t be able to match the level of expertise an experienced wedding planner has built throughout her carreer.

How to choose my wedding vendors

Have amazing vendors you can trust

Finding the right vendors for your wedding can be tricky : there are plenty of caterers, photographers, florists and so forth, and you can rarely be sure they are entirely reliable. Sadly there are some vendors to avoid as in many other business industries. You definitely don’t want to see your photographer emptying every coupe of champagne he or she finds and be wasted by 5p.m., or the DJ not showing up because he forgot your wedding! (trust me I know for a fact these happened more than once…) I don’t mean that every other vendor you’ll come across on the internet is an impostor off course but I want to emphasize how important it is to be sure every single vendor will participate in making this day unique and unforgettable. A wedding planner will offer you to choose from a variety of vendors for each category that they are used to work with and trust them for their professionalism and quality of service.

Tips on how to enjoy the wedding day

Enjoy every moment of your big day

The last thing you want for your wedding is being in charge of everything, and there’s a lot happening during such a day ! You don’t want to manage several teams of vendors, having to make sure every single detail is in the right place at the right moment, watch the timeline every 5 minutes, running after your guests and realize you don’t have the time to let every moment of this important day soak in. Investing in a planner that will take care of everything is key to a stressless, joyful wedding that should forever be remembered as one of the greatest days of your life !

How to pose during a wedding photoshoot

Save time

I bet your life is already full enough and you don’t have to add the extra-stress of going through the pesky details of planning and communication. Hiring a wedding planner will free some time needed to focus on things that really matter, like taking care of you and your family, shopping for the perfect attire, write your invitations or find some inspiration on pinterest.

Wedding inspiration photoshoot

Focus your vision & Sought inspiration

Wedding planners are always on the edge regarding wedding trends. Carefully listening to your needs and desires, they will help you find the perfect match, from table decorations to flowers and invitation letters or venues. They will even present you vendors specialized in the style you dig. For instance the wedding planners I work with will show you the portfolios of photographers specialized in different styles. You dig the boho-chic look, or rather a Fine-Art style? Name it, they’ll know the right guy! This apply to all the other wedding vendors off course.

How to deal with family dynamics during my wedding

Tricky family dynamics

Nobody is perfect right? Some families might have tricky dynamics when there’s bad-blood between exes, or a guest might be known for behaving disorderly at social events for instance. It can be hard to figure out when planning who’s sitting where during the ceremony and the dinner. A wedding planner will help dealing with these tensions and make sure that guests who don’t get along will be seated apart and try to manage strains that could occur during the day.

How to make the perfect wedding timeline

Have the perfect timeline

The timeline is critical for a flawless wedding. Finding the right balance between rushed and too slow is easy when a wedding planner is in the loop, because they have done it many times. They will be here to let you know the time has come to move on to the next event or when you can relax before going through the next rush of intense emotions! They will also manage the discreet ballet of vendors acting in the dark to make your day a shiny one.

Emotions photographer

Additional events

A wedding planner can also help you planning your bridal shower and / or your honeymoon so it’s always good to benefit from the advices of a professional about suche events !

Creative international wedding photographer based in France

Make your dream wedding a reality

Your wedding should reflect who you are both as a couple and as individuals, how much you love each other and share a wonderful and unforgettable day with the ones you love. I’m not telling you something new here I admit, but I’ve seen many brides caught up in the nets of planning and add stress they could have avoided by trusting a wedding planner. I am not telling you that you must hire one or your wedding will be ruined and I witnessed many weddings that went impeccably without the help of a wedding planner. I just want to share my own experience and advices so you know what’s ahead of you and what sort of help you could benefit from a wedding planner.

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