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Should I order a wedding album ?


Why do we need a wedding album ?

Being able to relive your wedding day in a tangible manner is by far a better experience than looking at digital files. It will also become a heirloom that will be passed on from generation to generation, a joyful testimonial to one of the most important day of your lives.

Why it is important to order a high end album from your photographer
A wedding album is a tangible depositary of one of the most important day of your life

Technology & obsolescence

Most photographers deliver their photos via usb or online galleries. A few years ago they’d use DVD’s and even floppy disks before that. Well today you cannot use a DVD on your Imac or Ibook… A High-end wedding album will last forever and won’t be affected by galloping technology.

I personnally deliver your photos through an online gallery with downloadable high definition files so you can print them yourselves if you want to, and a wedding album depending on the offer you chose. I always recommend couples to download the photos and make several copies. One might have a strong backup system involving multiple hard drives and clouds like I do, but we never know what can happen with computers and internet… A wedding album is less likely to be erased by mistake or hacked!

Relive the emotions of your wedding day with a high quality album

A tangible depositary

As I strive to tell the story of your wedding through a mix of photojournalistic and editorial styles an album will be the perfect repository to display these memories.

Digital files are great, they allow you to share them with your beloved ones through email and social medias in a quick and easy manner, and have them interacting, sharing and commenting which always feels good. But going through your printed hih-end wedding album is a different experience because your attention won’t be taken away by the last instagram notification popping up while you are reliving these precious moments. These days we are so used to scroll endlessly in and out through mountains of data and images that we unconsciously disconnect with the matter we were focusing on at first. The wedding album is an opportunity to experience the joy of going through the story of your wedding in a peaceful mindset.

The satisfying feeling of your fingers softly running on the paper will instantly connect your hearts and minds to the emotions you felt during this unique and cherished day. Picture the children of your children holding it in their teeny-tiny palms one day ! It’s definitely worth taking the time to create an album don’t you think ?


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